Tom Paine's Bones

     D                            A                      h                        G
As I roved out one evening by a river of discontent
  D                                      f#                              A                                               G
I bumped straight into old Tom Paine as running down the road he went
                 D                              A                           h                          G
He said, "I can't stop right now child, King George is after me
          D                       f#                                    A                                         G
He'd have a rope around my throat and hang me on the Liberty Tree."

         D                        A                         h                        G
I will dance to Tom Paine's bones dance to Tom Paine's bones
D                                   f#                               A                                        G(D)
Dance in the oldest boots I own to the rhythm of Tom Paine's bones.

I only talked about freedom And justice for everyone
But since the very first word I spoke I've been looking down the barrel of a gun
And they say I preached revolution, Let me say in my defence
That all I did wherever I went was to talk a lot of common sense.


Old Tom Paine, he ran so fast he left me standing still
And there I was, a piece of paper in my hand, standing at the top of the hill
And it said, "This is the Age of Reason these are the Rights of Man
Kick off religion and monarchy" it was written there in Tom Paine's plan.


Old Tom Paine, there he lies nobody laughs and nobody cries
Where he's gone or how he fares nobody knows – and nobody cares.

Chorus (3x)

(Noten)   (Midi)